Broan Trash Compactor (Elite 15XESSEXF and Elite 15XEWH) Review

Broan Trash Compactor


Using a trash compactor is a sure easy and efficient way to waste management. Have you experienced having to deal with the mess of various types of waste and garbage that creating a mess in your household? Now, you can set your worries aside with the use of garbage compactor. Over the years, even trash compactors have become more innovative. Unlike manual compactors where you have to exert effort, the Broan 15XESSEXF Elite XE can be programmed. So, is the Broan trash compactor worth the purchase? What makes this product worth the buy and how is it different from other model produced by the same brand like for instance the Broan Trash Compactor 15XEWH Elite Fully Integrated?

SAFETY AND DESIGNBroan Trash Compactor

The Broan 15XESSEXF Elite XE is a beautifully designed trash compactor with product dimensions 26.3×18.8×3.6 inches. It has a solid built and design which makes it suitable even for heavy use. The Broan Trash Compactor also comes with a compacting plate made of stainless steel that has a protective coating that is antimicrobial. The trash compactor is designed to fight germs and to have better performance. This model is wired for 220 to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz and also Type E/F and Type G style chord which makes it easy to install anywhere.

The is different from the other one as it is much smaller weighing 135 pounds. This trash compactor is made up of metal stainless steel. This 1.55 cubic foot trash can hold up to 30 pounds of trash. This is already enough space for your needs. The former one has a much larger space. Comparing the two, they are almost similar when it comes to the design although the Broan Trash Compactor 15XESSEXF Elite XE has a much more elegant design.


In terms of specifications, the Broan Trash Compactor 15XESSEXF Elite XE has a lot to give. For one, it is a programmable trash compactor. This means that you no longer have to exert any effort to compress the trash. The compaction cycle can be easily programmed when you want to. This is without a doubt a highly modern trash compactor since there are other units that use a motor but does not have a programmable compaction cycle. What is so nice with the Broan 15XESSEXF Elite XE is that it has a memory back up which remembers the settings you made even if there is a power outage.

In terms of power, this unit will not disappoint you. It boasts 1360 kg of compaction force with a ¾ horsepower with a 6 to 1 compaction ratio. This is considered to be the highest compaction ratio compared to other trash compactors. Having a compaction ratio means that it can reduce trash volume thereby helping you in compressing your trash without a hassle. There are also other features which make this an elite unit. It comes with an odor control system so you never have to worry about unwanted odor whenever you are using the trash compactor.
Broan Trash Compactor

On the other hand, Broan Trash Compactor 15XEWH Elite Fully Integrated is also not lagging behind when you compared the two models in terms of the specifications. For one it comes with ¾ horsepower which gives you enough power to reduce various types of waste without any stress. Since its motor has a dual screw compaction system, you have a trash compactor that can efficiently compress your garbage. Just like the Broan Trash Compactor 15XEESEXF Elite XE, this model also has a compaction ratio of 6:1. If you are looking for a powerful and highly efficient herbage compactors, these two can deliver.


How about the performance? The two are not so different. Broan has always been known to produce quality, durable and reliable trash compactors making use of the current technology and innovation. When it comes to performance, there is not much difference whether you want to get the Broan 15XEWH Elite Fully Integrated Trash Compactoror the Broan 15XESSEXF Elite XE Programmable Trash Compactor. Both have the same compaction ratio and horsepower to give you enough power to efficiently reduce garbage volume. But in terms of innovativeness, you will like the Broan Trash Compactor 15XESSEXF Elite XE since it has a programmable compaction cycle. This model offers flexibility that the previous model does not give you. That is why if you want a fast, hassle-free with no effort trash compactor, the Broan Trash Compactor 15XESSEXF Elite XE Programmable is still the best choice.


So, which one to choose? If you are going for a Broan Trash Compactor, you get to have every worth of the price you pay for. Any of the two models is truly a good choice. It will just depend on what specs you are looking for. If you want to have a trash compactor that has a much smaller dimension and has a much lower price tag, the Broan Trash Compactor 15XEWH Elite Fully Integrated is the one to get. On the other hand, if you want more modern features and specifications, the Broan Trash Compactor 15XESSEXF Elite XE Programmable is the better choice. In terms of power and over-all performance, both of these models can deliver. Your final choice will just depend as to whether you want to have automatic and a programmable trash compactor.

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Features: 3000 pounds of continual compaction force and a 3/4 horsepower motor delivers a 6 to 1 compaction ratio to minimize your trash volume and handling, 1.55 cubic foot, painted steel trash bucket holds 30 pounds of compacted trash for fewer trips to the curb, Six-month, manual advance, odor control system is simple to turn each month or in keeping with your compacting schedule, Full extension, ball-bearing drawer slides means the bucket pulls all the way out allowing complete access for unloading; side panel drops down so there is no more struggle to lift the bag over the side – you can just slide it out, Reversible 170 degree hinged door has a magnetic gasket resulting in a tight, secure close and a child lock with a removable key to ensure your family’s comfort and safety, Broan Elite trash compactor takes convenience, hygiene and style to a new level, Features clean inside compartment, crushing mechanism with 3000 pounds of continual force, electronic controls, and odor reduction systems, 6 to 1 compaction ratio; Reduces waste volume by 75 percent, Reversible 170-Degree hinged door, White door with fingerprint resistant coating
Brand: Broan
Manufacturer: Broan-NuTone


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