GE Trash Compactor (GCG1580RSS) Review

GE Trash Compactor

GE Trash Compactor

Energy efficiency







        • 2300 lb. Force.
        • Removable Drawer.
        • Automatic Anti-Jam.


        • Motor burns out, and parts come off.
        • The sheet metal is too thin to carry the friction of the pedal.

        GE is a global brand that is known to product innovative and high quality home items and appliances. And if you are looking for a trash compactor that can give you more innovative specifications, there is one brand that has been getting all of the attention – the GE Trash Compactor. Exuding elegant appearance built with modern features and specs, many consumers expect a lot from the brand. After all, is this garbage compactor worth the price? We’ll take a look at its performance, design and specs!

        SAFETY AND DESIGNge trash compactor

        The moment you look at GE Trash Compactor, you can already notice how different it is from the rest of the trash compactors that you can find in the market today. Made with stainless door and a sculptured handle, this is a sleek trash compactor that has a nice appearance that will blend into the interiors of your home. The controls are hidden so no one would even notice that this is garbage compactor.

        GE Trash Compactor has a slim designed compactor that will not consume much of your home space. It Weigh just 129 pounds with height of 33-3/4’’. For an upscale appearance, you can fit it under the kitchen counter. Although it has a sleek design, it can still give you enough space for your waste items and even recyclables as it features 1.4 cubic feet capacity which is pretty much the standard for most trash compactors. For added safety, it comes with a removable key lock to ensure that the drawer is locked while it is in use.


        The beautifully designed unit is backed with solid specifications to give you a high power and reliable compactor. For one, it comes with a 1/3 horsepower motor, a powerful one that can give you max. compacting power for almost types of waste. The only downside is that the compression ratio is just 4:1. This is slightly lower compared to other, but it is enough ratio you need to for tight compaction of garbage.

        What you will like about the GE GCG1580RSS Trash Compactor is that it boasts 2300 pounds of ram force and 30 sec. cycle time which means that it gives you fast compaction of trash and an efficient removal solution. You never have to worry about your trash getting stuck inside the unit as it has an automatic anti-jam capacity. For easy cleaning and maintenance, it also has removable drawer.


        The GE Trash Compactor can truly deliver what you are expected. Its sleek design is backed with a power motor that can compress and crush your trash the fastest way possible. This makes it an efficient solution to garbage handling and disposal. It is very easy to use and to operate as it has a drawer foot pedal. The draw is removal so you will not have a hard time cleaning it. Plus, you can simply touch the controls to have the compactor in motion. A well-design compactor with power and efficiency, one can easily conclude that this compactor is truly a good choice.


        Without a doubt, the GE GCG1580RSS Trash Compactor is one of the top choices. On the other hand, it also comes with a much more expensive price tag. But it is not pricey without a reason. This compactor have an elegantly designed of steel. It equipped with modern specs and other necessary features to make garbage disposal and recycling much more efficient.

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        Features: 1/3 HP, 2300 lb. Force, Removable Drawer, Automatic Anti-Jam
        Brand: GE
        Manufacturer: GE


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