Manual Trash Compactor

Manual Trash Compactor

Manual Trash Compactor

Energy efficiency







        • Light weight and easy to use.
        • increases the trash bin capacity by as much as 40 percent.
        • No special bags or electricity is required - just the force of your hand.


        • It requires effort
        • For normal household trash it will not compact it very well.

        Proper waste disposal is essential to help the environment and the community. Even at the household level, there are ways to help the proper handling and also the disposal of waste. To make things much more efficient, there are now tools that you can use to effectively compress trash. If you are just looking for a simple and reliable solution to crushing different types of waste, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot. There is the Manual Trash Compactor which is enough to cover for your basic needs. Given the wide array of choices, is this the right unit for you? This product review tells you more about the Manual Trash Compactor, its design, features and specs.


        One of the things that you would notice right away is that the Manual Trash Compactor has a simple and compact design that will fit in any space. It is not as striking and elegantly designed as other pricey trash compactors that you can find in the market. But for many households, this kind of design is more than enough especially if you are just looking for a simple solution. The trash compactor is made of 100% stainless steel, so you can be at least sure that this durable and can last with you for a long time.

        What you will like about the Manual Trash Compactor is that it is simple to use and it is friendly. It is lightweight which makes it easy for you to move it around fnd to transfer it to another location. Plus, it fits wheeled trash bins. The only downside is that it may not have safety features, but considering that it is just a manual trash compactor, you wouldn’t expect experiencing any problem while you are using it.


        For a Manual Trash Compactor, you would not expect much. Given its price tag, it is relatively the cheapest and the simplest solution to your waste problem. Compared to other garbage compactors that you can find in the market today, it does not have amazing specs. But in terms of its efficiency and for the purpose as to why it is created, the Manual Trash Compactor is already a good compactor. It features lever design to aid in compressing the garbage and other types of waste.

        This trash compactor can increase the bins capacity by about 40%. It has a Big Foot features which makes it easier to flatten or compress any kind of trash. There are downsides of using a Manual Trash Compactor since you really have to do all the work manually which means that you will have to exert some effort. But on a positive note, it does not have to be too tedious.


        Using the Manual Trash Compactor is a easy and definitely a breeze. Of course, you cannot directly compare it with much more expensive trash compactors that are equipped with modern features. Then again, just for its simplicity and the way how it is built, you get to have a trash compactor that gives you an easy solution to your waste problem. In using the Manual Trash Compactor, you can avoid animals from going through your trash which often results to a mess. This only means that there is proper waste handling. Second, you can prevent the lid from being blown especially if it is raining or windy. In terms of using the Manual Trash Compactor, you will not experience any problem as it is easy to operate.


        The Manual Trash Compactor might be a simple tool, but in most cases this is the kind of solution that you need. It is build out of recyclable material. It is easy to use and to operate. Plus, it has enough space for different types of waste. You may need to exert some effort and unlike other trash compactors that equipped with automatic features where you can just press the button for the unit to start compressing the garbage, with this compactor you will have to exert some effort. It has its share of downsides. Then again, if you are just searching for a simple solution, the Manual Trash Compactor is the one to have at home. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend more, there are other best trash compactors equipped with amazing features and specs.

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        Features: lever design multiplies the compression force exerted by the user, light weight and easy to use, fits most wheeled trash bins, increases the trash bin capacity by as much as 40 percent, fabricated completely from galvanized steel components and itself is 100 percent recyclable
        Brand: Trash Master
        Manufacturer: RayTechLLC
        SRP: $39.95 USD


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