Maytag Trash Compactor MTUC7500ADM 15″ Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console

Maytag Trash Compactor

Maytag Trash Compactor

Energy efficiency







        • Compacts well and pretty quiet.
        • The controls are easy to use.


        • Did not compress the trash more than 20%
        • When closing you have to push it pretty hard to get it to close.

        The right way of handling and proper garbage disposal is essential to help the environment. Oftentimes, a lot of people have a hard time organizing their waste even at home. To make things easier, using a trash compactor is a good way to compress the trash to reduce the volume and to recycle items that are recyclable. In buying a compactor, the Maytag Trash Compactor is dubbed to be one of the best trash compactors in the market today. Is this the one that best suits your budget and personal preference? Let’s go have a look.


        The way the Maytag Trash Compactor is built, you can see that it exudes strength and durability. Compared to other trash compactors, it offers extra-strength as its frame and base are both zinc coated. This 4’’ console is built to efficiently crush garbage. Steel constructed weighing 145 pounds, this trash compactor can take on even with heavy-duty use. It has a 1.4 cubic feet capacity which is enough load and space. The unit also comes with supplied plastic bags. The Maytag Trash Compactor is very easy and safe to use as it comes with automatic anti-jam feature and you can simply use the switch to operate the garbage compactor.


        The Maytag Trash Compactor is backed with the specs that you are looking for in a compactor. For one, it comes with a recessed key knob (on/off/start) for easy use. The unit has a drawer panel and a kick plate at the bottom. You can simply use the pedal to open the drawer.

        For the much power that you need to crush various types of waste, the Maytag Trash Compactor uses 1/3 HP motor which is not the strongest in the category but can deliver enough power. Another thing that you will like about this unit is that it has a QuietSeries Sound Installation feature which means that it operates quietly. Moving the unit around is not a problem as it has rear rollers as well as front levelers. Since it has an odor management system using a fan with charcoal filter, you never have to experience any unwanted odor while it is in use or even when it is not. The brand offers a 1 year full warranty coverage.


        Basically, almost all of the essential features that you need in a trash compactor are already in this unit. How about its performance? Using the Maytag Trash Compactor, you won’t be disappointed as it delivers what it has promised. With its 1/3 horsepower motor, it has enough power to effectively crush various kinds of waste. The unit boasts a 5:1 compaction ratio which only means that it can reduce trash volume significantly. While you are using the Maytag Trash Compactor, you never have to worry about the usual problems that people experience when using a garbage compactor. It has an anti-jam feature. It does not product obnoxious smell and it is very easy to use.


        The Maytag Trash Compactor may not be as modern and stylish as other trash compactors. But if you are going to take a closer look at its features and specifications, you have almost everything you need in a trash compactor in this unit. Since it is made of steel, you can be sure that it is strongly built and it has solid power (1/3 hp motor) to help you in your garbage disposal. If you are looking for other great options, you can access our main article for some of the best trash compactors.

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        Maytag Trash Compactor
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